Category: Stitches

Here you will find anything we put together with needle and thread or sewing of any kind.

Handmade cloth baby diapers

We now offer All in one handmade cloth diapers. The diapers have four layers of absorbent terry and a moisture wicking lining to keep baby dry. The outer layer has a moisture barrier to keep wetness in and your furniture and floors dry, no need for plastic pants. Diapers feature Velcro closures for adjustable sizing. […]

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Why a Bowl Cozy??

Microwaves are everywhere, in most of our homes, restaurants, convenience stores, pretty much anywhere food preparation occurs. They are great for quickly heating meals, leftovers, and snacks. But when the food is done, everything in contact with the food is hot. The containers can become hot enough to cause scalding. 1/3 of people admitted to […]

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Microwave Bowl Cozies

NEW Styles now available!!! These Bowl Cozies are microwave safe and machine washable. The easiest way to get a hot bowl of food from the microwave to the couch with no burns. Place your bowl of food on one of these cozies, place it in the microwave and heat. No need for a hot pad […]

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Bandanna Style baby bibs with matching booties

Bandanna style baby bibs with matching booties. The bibs have two closure snaps for size adjustment and a snap loop lanyards for babies binky. Stylish for all occasions with matching light weight slip on booties that are perfect for warm weather. See shop our shop for available colors and prints. Durable construction for a long […]

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Handmade US Navy Doo Rags

US Navy Doo Rags now available!! Durable construction for a long life, these Doo Rags are machine wash and dryer safe. Made here (USA) in my home from quality materials by a U.S. Navy Veteran. There are pattern variations between the doo rags.

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Doo Rags

We are now offering home made Doo Rags.¬†Durable construction, machine stitched for a long life, these Doo Rags are machine wash and dryer safe. Made here in my home from quality materials. See our shop for all available styles. These are unisex Doo-Rags, don’t let the model fool you, they will fit most sizes. Coffee […]

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