Why a Bowl Cozy??

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Microwaves are everywhere, in most of our homes, restaurants, convenience stores, pretty much anywhere food preparation occurs. They are great for quickly heating meals, leftovers, and snacks. But when the food is done, everything in contact with the food is hot. The containers can become hot enough to cause scalding. 1/3 of people admitted to burn centers are for scald injuries, (84% of scald burns happen in the home, and 85-90% of scald burns are related to cooking, drinking, and serving hot liquids). That’s just the people who sought treatment, we all know how few of actual cases that probably is.

So how do you avoid injury when removing your food from the microwave? You could let the food sit to cool before removing it, but wasn’t the point to get it hot? You could try using hot pads, but those are tricky and space inside a microwave is limited. Your best bet is a microwave safe bowl cozy.

The bowl cozy goes in under the container during the heating process, and it eases the removal of your food. The bowl cozy is designed to be in the microwave during the heating process and unlike a standard hot pad, it won’t melt or catch fire. When your food is ready, you just grab the cozy by the corners and remove your food.

The bowl cozy is great as a hot pad to protect your dining table, and/or use it to protect your hands while you eat in front of the TV. Bon Appetite!!!!

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