Coke Can Stove

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DIY Coke can stove

How to Build a Coke Can Stove For Hiking & Camping

How to make a small stove out of a soda can in just a few minutes. Aluminum is the lightest of metals and due to its flexibility and strength it’s most often used to manufacture everyday products such as beverage and food containers. Follow the steps below to build (with few materials and minimal skills) a portable stove for travel or cooking in case of energy blackouts.


The supplies you are going to need are: 2 aluminum cans of any soft drink/beer, 1 marker, a pair of scissors or cutters, 1 small piece of sandpaper, 1 nail, alcohol and fiberglass. 


Cut 2 coke (soda/beer) cans into 2 bottom parts, discarding the tops.

Make holes in in the beveled edge at the bottom of one of the cans. Pre-mark the can if needed. This will be the top of the stove.

Make a single, somewhat larger hole in the center of that bottom or a few small ones.

Fill the other bottom portion with the fiberglass.

The next step is to nest the two halves together, placing the top into the bottom.

When you are ready to use it fill the concave cavity with fuel (alcohol). Do not travel with fuel in the stove.

Lite the fuel and you are ready to cook.

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